Broken Saints volume 2: A Suite Hereafter

The music on A Suite Hereafter was originally conceived as the soundtrack for Opaque, a dance poetry solo by Lori Hamar, produced by Suddenly Dance Theatre, Victoria. It has been substantially re-worked to express my fascination with historical, spiritual and literary notions of resurrection. The titles are drawn from the Sufi, Kabbalah and Christian Gnostic traditions, and refer to various stages in the journey towards resurrection in this life - the idea being that true resurrection is simply our world, re-imagined...

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A Suite Hereafter features piano, french horn, soprano vocal (Cathy Peddlesden) and drums (Joby Baker) prominently, with flute, Hammond organ, synthesizer, electric bass, Jaymar toy piano and Persian hand drum playing supportive roles. it was recorded and mixed at Bigger Boots Audio in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Stylistically, it ranges from minimalist, trance-inducing polyrhythmic patterns (think Michael Nymans or Philip Glass) to rather intense, twisted and distorted tone poetry, to spacious, resonant vistas that summon a strange, magical calm.