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Crowdfunding: Stillness3


(If you prefer to make a direct donation via PayPal - GoFundMe does not seem to support it)

My current crowdfunding campaign is for a new album by my ‘contemplative jazz trio’, Stillness3! Starting with the same mix of spacious, meditative compositions and improvisations that formed our debut from 2007 (check it out here!), the trio did their best to recreate the magic with a live, intimate studio concert on February 21 2019 at Greve Studio, Berlin.

The money raised will be used to complete and release the resulting album (working title “three point two”) to supporters and, later on, the public. That includes recording, mixing, sequencing and mastering, graphic design, CD manufacturing and shipping, digital release expenses, and miscellaneous associated costs.

We are offering a number of ‘reward packages’ tied to suggested donation amounts. The money will help us cover production costs including mixing, editing, mastering, graphic design, video production, CD pressing and packaging, and so on. Just drop me a line to let me know where and how to send the appropriate items your way… I’ve listed “suggested donation” amounts in Euro… 

(1) €20 – immediate download of the first album (If you don’t already have it – if you do, please feel free to pass the new download code along to a friend!) and a download of the new one when it’s finished, in autumn 2019
(2) €40 –  CD copies of both albums, shipped when the new one is finished, plus downloads (first album immediately, new one as soon as it’s ready)
(3) €100 – as per (2) but with extra special thanks credit on the new CD, and two copies of each CD so you can share the music… 

We’re enormously grateful for any and all support, which will help give this little boat a push out into the world. I hope you enjoy the music!


The album is currently in post-production! Here's a short set of excerpts to tickle your sonic taste buds and give you an idea of what to expect...

CDs will be available in cardboard jackets only (no plastic jewel cases!), printed and pressed at very high quality, and shipped directly from the production facility in New York.