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When I was young, we had a wonderfully strange album of classical music, arranged and performed on synthesiser (specifically, the legendary Moog Modular system) by Wendy Carlos, called ‘Switched-On Bach’. This unusual masterpiece, and its sequel ‘The Well-Tempered Synthesiser’, took root in my  musical brain and inspired a lifelong interest in electronic and synthesized textures.

We also had a number of beautiful recordings of traditional Christmas music interpreted by Alfred Deller and the Deller Consort, the Choir of King’s College Cambridge, and others. These too wormed their way into my consciousness… and eventually, perhaps inevitably, this project was born – a way of uniting those two very different early influences.

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place when my son Alexis became interested in the strange sounds I was making and joined in to help me arrange and produce them. We’ve had a lot of fun making these pieces, trying to find ways to do justice to the sources that inspired them and at the same time give them something unique and new… We hope you enjoy them just as much!

All songs traditional; arranged, performed, and produced by tobias tinker and Alexis Tinker-Tsavalas, using sounds and textures inspired by the great synthesizers of the analog era. Special thanks to Athanasia Tsavalas!