Welcome to the shop!

So… I know the whole idea of buying music is terribly old-fashioned and all (and I do in fact provide other options)… but just in case you feel like rocking it old school and forking over a bit of hard-earned currency in exchange for the fruits of my own hard work over the years, here’s where you can do that!

I’ve organized the products on offer in to a number of sections: Solo PianoSoundtrack and ElectronicOf course, you can check out extensive samples from each product before you buy, and I’ve included some ‘liner notes’ for context as well. 

To kick things off, in case you haven’t already snagged it, you can get this 13-track sampler, a kind of curated  introduction to my work, for free, by signing up to the mailing list!* Enjoy! 

(And that’s not the end of the free music either, you can get two more free albums into the bargain, in exchange for a little help spreading the word!).  

Solo Piano - the Continuum series (and more!)

Improvised journeys, sometimes delicate and spacious, sometimes intense and powerful, always emotional. I’ve been playing piano for over 40 years… It’s my deepest well – my musical  ‘mother tongue’, as it were…

Soundtrack - The Broken Saints collection (and more!)

Combining multi-instrumental performance (piano, flute, trumpet, french horn, percussion, guitar, bass…) with electronic textures, these hybrid pieces range from subtle and serene to elaborate and multi-faceted. 

Electronic - the Sound Fascination series

Intrigued with the creative possibilities of electronic music since childhood, I tend towards complex, evolving soundscapes as opposed to dancefloor beats. Rich, atmospheric, melodic, captivating…