[NOTE: I’m relaunching this site with a new design and concept, so there’s not a lot here at the moment, but that will be changing in the coming days! Lots in the pipeline – I’m planning to post something new every day, for as long as I can keep it up, to try to build a bit of momentum and see how that feels… ]

I’ve always been an explorer. It’s what I do, as a musician and composer. As a child I was quickly bored with the pieces I had to learn for my piano lessons, and wanted instead to take them apart, figure out how they worked and how to make my own, and above all to explore and discover the possibilities of this strange and wonderful instrument, the sounds and patterns it could make, and how they could be combined to tell a story without words.

That’s pretty much still what I’m doing, all these years later – still at the piano, my lifelong, essential creative vessel, but also with the wider palette and infinite possibilities of electronic music (alongside a few other ‘traditional’ instruments that joined the party along the way). I need to know what’s behind that door, around that corner, down that pathway shrouded in mystery… I want to find out where it goes and what can be learned and discovered there!

I’ve been down a lot of different paths, and learned and discovered more than I ever thought possible – mostly, always, how much more there is to learn and discover. But while I still find the technical and formal aspects of music fascinating, I’m much more focused on the emotional, expressive side; my goal is to cultivate a kind of transparency, in order to let those things that so often remain unspoken and unexplored emerge and find a voice.

Music is an adventure for me, and the music I make is intended for adventurous listeners – fellow explorers, as it were. These pieces are not just records of where I’ve been and what I’ve found; if they resonate with you, they can serve as soundtracks for your own journeys – wherever they may take you…

Besides cataloguing and presenting the body of work that has grown over the years, this site will be a vehicle for new adventures, which fall into a few ongoing projects:

Continuum (solo piano improvisations) (and/or Painter Piano?)

The Sky is Always Interesting (electronic meditations)

Small Worlds (collaboration with photographer Alexis Tinker-Tsavalas)

Owl Cave Dreams (ambient duo with Chalice Phoenix)

Onward Passage (serialized novel / podcast)