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Owl Cave Dreams – Ethereal Psychedelic

Ethereal Psychedelic. It started as a way of describing our ‘micro-genre’ and ended up becoming the perfect name for our second album (and follow-up to ‘The Long Now’). Born of the same organic, improvisational process as its predecessor, the interplay of two musicians once again conjures a strange and intoxicating soundscape – at times delicate, intimate and bittersweet, at others expansive, oceanic, cosmic… This is a new kind of ambient music, open and adventurous, and needed a new name. With track names drawn from 19th- and early 20th-century American poetry (from Dickinson to Whitman, with some more obscure voices in the mix as well), Ethereal Psychedelic is a kind of homage to the lush, evocative imagery and earnest sensibility of a time when feeling deeply – and expressing those feelings passionately – was considered a virtue, not a failing.

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