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the Continuum series (and more!)

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, in 1999 I inaugurated the ‘continuum’ concert series. These solo concerts are fully improvised, long format live performances drawing on jazz, classical and New Age influences.

As much as possible without being precious about it, I try to approach the piano with nothing pre-conceived at all in terms of what I am going to play. The results are invariably surprising to me, both musically – I frequently have the feeling I don’t actually really know how to play what I’m playing, but am kind of ‘channeling’ it – and in terms of their intensity and emotional directness.

I have also brought this process into the studio, focusing on shorter, less exploratory pieces that capture a specific mood. This is best exemplified by the Painter Piano project (more information on that on its project page)

The results of this have been captured on a number of albums: