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Broken Saints volume 4


The Saintly Series concludes. Word is bond!

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Broken Saints is a ‘motion comic epic’ which has captured the imagination of tens of thousands of fans – and major Internet awards – worldwide since its inception in 2001. Written and directed by Brooke Burgess, illustrated by Andrew West and designed and programmed by Ian Kirby, it tells the dark, unsettling but ultimately compelling story of four characters ‘from the quiet corners of the globe’ who are brought together by shared experiences, dark visions and hardships to face a terrifying threat.

In addition to contributing previously existing music from my albums, Passage and A Suite Hereafter, I produced a body of new work inspired by the dark and fascinating atmosphere of this acclaimed series. With the addition of some tracks from supporting composer Quentin Grey (performing with collaborators as ‘Methadone’), this forms the second half of the Broken Saints soundtrack, in two volumes… this being Volume 4!

released October 10, 2004

music composed, arranged, performed and produced by tobias tinker except ‘Pollution’, ‘Hope Dies’ and ‘Tiga’ by Quentin Grey / Methadone.


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