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The Cathedral Concert


Improvisations on piano and harpsichord

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This album brings together improvisational performances on two different instruments, from two very different settings. The first track, a solo piano concert, was recorded at Christ Church Cathedral, and has all the atmosphere of that remarkable space and the energy of a live audience. The style is more or less continuous with my other solo piano works, though perhaps a little grander, more triumphal.

The harpsichord performances were more of a departure for me – the instrument naturally calls for a very different touch, and I have quite specific musical associations with its unique sound, which informed and inspired what I have tried to do here. The great masters of the baroque, Bach and Scarlatti in particular, were famous for their improvisations as well as more structured compositions, and while I doubt I have done them justice, their timeless works are deeply etched on my musical mind. These more intimate performances were captured in the music room of my parents’ country home.

released 09 September 2003
tobias tinker – solo piano, solo harpsichord


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