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continuum two: Berlin (double album)


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This is a very honest recording. It is part of a series of live, fully improvised solo piano concerts which I began several years ago. Until now, releasing these as recordings has always entailed a certain amount of editing – partly for length, partly to remove background noises or passages that seemed to detract from, rather than contribute to, the flow. In this case I have decided to release the whole concert – every note that was played, complete and unabridged, unvarnished, warts-and-all…

The concert took place in two sets, both presented here in their entirety. I had the image which forms the title of the first track in mind while preparing backstage, and the first encore ‘for athanasia’ contains a theme that was pre-composed; otherwise, I had no idea at all, beforehand, what I would play…
released November 6, 2009
tobias tinker – piano


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