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So… I know the whole idea of buying music is terribly old-fashioned and all (and I do in fact provide other options)… but just in case you feel like rocking it old school and forking over a bit of hard-earned currency in exchange for the fruits of my own hard work over the years, here’s where you can do that!

I’ve organized the products on offer in to a number of sections: Solo PianoSoundtrack and ElectronicOf course, you can check out extensive samples from each product before you buy, and I’ve included some ‘liner notes’ for context as well. 

To kick things off, in case you haven’t already snagged it, you can get this 13-track sampler, a curated introduction to my work (featuring the tracks from the intro video and more), for free, by signing up to the mailing list! Enjoy! 

That’s not the end of the free music, either; you can get two more free sampler albums, in exchange for a little help spreading the word! When you sign up and redeem your welcome coupon, you’ll also get a unique referral code (on your account page). Use it to invite others to check out my music, and when they do you’ll get coupons for more free music – or use them for a discount on the full-fare albums below, your choice!

Solo Piano - the Continuum series (and more!)

I’ve been improvising at the piano as long as I can remember, and making recordings of my explorations almost as long. Around 20 years ago I began to make finished albums, some live in concert and others in a studio setting.  

As much as possible without being precious about it, I try to approach the piano with nothing pre-conceived at all in terms of what I am going to play. The results are invariably surprising to me, both musically – I frequently have the feeling I don’t actually really know how to play what I’m playing, but am kind of ‘channeling’ it – and in terms of their intensity and emotional directness.

Soundtrack - The Broken Saints collection (and more!)

My first solo release, “Passage” was the culmination of my life’s journey in music up to that point, combining multi-instrumental performance with electronic textures. It also became the core soundtrack for the Broken Saints series, and the springboard for an extended collaboration with its creator, Brooke Burgess, that continues to this day. The soundtracks to these and other film and multimedia projects form a major part of my recorded work. 

Electronic - the Sound Fascination series

I have always been fascinated with sound; much of my journey as a musician and composer has been driven in part by a love of and search for novel textures, ambiences, and soundscapes, and this has been a part of much of the music I’ve made. The Sound Fascination series, a “journal of musical explorations, improvisations and other adventures”, brings this quest into the foreground…

Other Projects

Alongside my solo work, I have been fortunate throughout my career to play and collaborate with a rich assortment of other wonderful musicians… Here are a few of those recordings: